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Transformational Sales Prospecting Strategies

Reach Double-Digit New Business Growth in the Digital Age

Langue:  English
New business is the lifeblood of every thriving company, and the rules to secure it have changed. Explore how to evolve your business development strategies in the post-pandemic digital age.
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Of all prospects, 95.2% do not respond to cold voicemails. Of all prospects, 96.33% don’t take any action on cold emails. 

These old school business development tactics don’t work. Nor are in-person sales experiences as effective. 

Consider Mckinsey and Company’s findings 

Identifying new suppliers – 69% prefer digital self-serve prospect experiences

Evaluating new suppliers – 71% prefer digital self-serve prospect experiences

76% of businesses they surveyed indicated that digital sales prospecting is equal to (28%) or more effective than (48%) traditional in-person prospecting 

Welcome to the digital age.

About the Author

Phillip Macko is a career coach and Sales Optimization Consultant, with a career spanning four decades, five industries and encompassing work in more than one dozen countries worldwide. He’s coached hundreds of clients, presented to audiences around the world, and is the author of Think Your Age, Don’t Act It, Make Others Greater and The Conduit, which reached the #3 spot on Amazon for its genre soon after its publication, and Career Resiliency, available here in BookBoon.

  • About the author
  • Author’s Note
  1. Insanity
    1. Cadillac, Steak Knives or You’re Fired
    2. The Digital Drift
    3. Turned On Its Head
  2. The Obstacles
    1. “We’ve Always Done It This Way”
    2. Status Quo Bias
    3. The Flamingo Effect
    4. It Takes a Village
  3. The On-Ramp
    1. First Impressions
    2. B.A.D.D.
  4. The Resonance
    1. Behavioral Indexing
    2. Personas Part 1 – The Business Need Language
    3. Personas Part 2 – The Emotional Need Language
    4. “You Talkin’ to Me?”
    5. Crafting the USP and UVP
  5. The Roadmap
    1. The Prospect Journey
    2. UQ, NQ, MQ and SQ Prospect Typing
    3. Prospect Ranking
    4. Prospect Stages, Probability Weighting and Time/Action Mapping
  6. The 52% Secret
    1. TTEC
    2. Emotions in Motion
    3. Emotion-Driven KPIs
    4. More Than the Tactics
  7. The Aggregation of Incremental Steps
    1. Happy New Year
    2. Inching Forward Is Still Forward
    3. Closing Thoughts
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