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The Secrets to Master a Customer-Centric Strategy

Align your Teams to a Better Customer Understanding

Langue:  English
From Analysis to KPIs. A journey to help you tailoring the best customers focused strategy, including case studies and international team coordination tips.
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Being Customer-Centric requires a deep transition in a company structure and mindset. The board and the managers have the responsibility to drive these changes, informing and sharing the employees. Customer-Centric strategies focus on listening to the customers, dialoguing with them and grabbing info to develop the product and the strategy. It’s a never-ending cycle and involves all the company, from product development to the sales cycle. Once aligned, it provides the highest customer satisfaction and eventually the best retention.

About the Author

Nicola (Nick) Bottai is a senior marketer with a blend of agency and client expertise, developed mainly in the EU. Passionate about strategy, innovation, and tech, he started his career more than 20 years ago and “surfed” the new digital marketing era, merging traditional marketing with digital. Today, he leads marketing units in the UK with a people-centric approach. From the customer perspective, by understanding them and using their insights to leverage brands internationally. From the teams perspective, by leveraging them by mentoring, coaching, and driving them to the best performance.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Data Collection
    1. Quantitative Data
    3. Qualitative VS Quantitative
    4. Data Collection
    5. Conclusion – Data for a customer-centric company
  2. Analysis - Translate numbers into insights
    1. Internal Analysis
    2. External Analysis
    3. Setting analysis recurrence
    4. Conclusion – Analyses for a customer-centric company
  3. Segmentation - Pick your audience
    1. What is the segmentation?
    2. Segmentation Types
    3. Segmentation Methods
    4. Buyer Persona
    5. Lego Case Study
    6. Conclusions
  4. Strategy - Brain At Work
    1. Goal
    2. Analysis
    3. Segmentation
    4. The 5 Ps
    5. Budget
    6. KPI
    7. Conclusions
  5. The 4+1 Funnel Model - Follow the Customer
    1. WHAT IS “+1”?
    2. WHY “+1”?
    3. Hotel Case Study
    4. How build a Funnel
    5. Analyses
    6. Customer Care
    7. Conclusions
  6. Teams Coordination
    1. Team Building
    2. Team Leading
    3. International Team Coordination
    4. Conclusions
  7. KPI - Vanity metrics, no thanks!
    1. KPI definition
    2. SMART KPI
    3. Vanity Metrics
    4. Conclusions
  8. Conclusions
  • References
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Nick Bottai