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The Experts Teach: Change Management

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In "The Experts Teach: Change Management", we bring together 26 articles from the top experts on managing major change.
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In "The Experts Teach: Change Management", we bring together 26 articles from the top experts on managing major change. These writers will show you why many organisations fail to respond to change while others face up to change and come out on top.

The expert authors include Jim Clemmer who has been writing about organization effectiveness for over 30 years; Paul Lemberg, the president of Quantum Growth Coaching; and Kevin Eikenberry, leadership expert and the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

If you are a manager, these articles will be invaluable if your organisation is undergoing difficult transitions. If you are a trainer, they are perfect for showing people how to get through change. If you are a learner, they are quite simply professional game-changers.

In each of “The Experts Teach” series, we’ve gathered together some of the world’s best thinkers to share their ideas with you. Their ideas offer new, refreshing, and insightful ways to look at old themes, allowing you to discover new perspectives, develop your understanding, and change the way you think.

  1. Create a Culture of Change by Linda Henman
  2. Scrooged – A Dickens of a Way to Manage Change! by Martin Haworth
  3. There Is No Such Thing as Organizational Change by Kevin Eikenberry
  4. Life As an Active Science by Steve Goodier
  5. Turn the Lights Off When You Leave by Eric Garner
  6. Signs Of Stagnation by Jim Clemmer
  7. The Thrill of the New by Erica Rowntree
  8. A Lesson in Change Management from the Two Presidents by Bob Selden
  9. Paradoxical Balancing Acts in Organization Improvement by Jim Clemmer
  10. Tools for Driving Change with Tom Devane by Thomas Cox
  11. Five Ways to Get Change Right by Linda Henman
  12. Make Change Easy – Get Involved! by Martin Haworth
  13. Hardwired Humans…and Change by Andrew O’Keeffe
  14. Change Management is an Oxymoron by Jim Clemmer
  15. Communicating Change – The Essentials for Change Management by Bob Selden
  16. 7 Keys to Managing Change by David Diamond
  17. Change is Life by Jim Clemmer
  18. About Conversion by Steve Goodier
  19. Why Lean Fails – and How to Make it Succeed by Thomas Cox
  20. Change and (Positive) Emotions by Kevin Eikenberry
  21. The Right Path by Michael Beck
  22. Why Problem Solving Doesn’t Solve the Problem and the Real Solution to Permanent Change by Joshua Uebergang
  23. But We’ve Always Done it This Way: Top Ten List by George Torok
  24. This Crazy Period of Constant Change is Normal by Jim Clemmer
  25. On Sharks and People by Steve Goodier
  26. Creating Breakthroughs by Paul Lemberg
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