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The Digital Transformation Handbook

The Smart Starters Guide to Transforming Your Company

Langue:  English
Understand and apply the four fundamental principles of digital transformation: The digital mind-set, true customer centricity, how to innovate and how to change an existing organization.
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Make your team, your division, your company more digital!In this book, we explore the four fundamental principles of digital transformation:

  • The digital mind-set,
  • True customer centricity,
  • How to innovate and
  • How to change an existing organization.
Within these pages. You will find fresh new concepts, easy to apply practical advice and the concentrated experience of 25 years at the digital forefront.Going digital has never been easier.

About the Author

Ömer Atiker is an international expert on digital transformation. From running digital services as a student he went straight to founding one of the very first internet agencies in the Netherlands in 1996. He later moved into digital marketing with his agency Click Effect, where he serves clients like Singapore Airlines, Purell, Merck and Picard. As a renowned keynote speaker and consultant, he has worked with powerhouses like Google, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Kyocera and John Deere. He lives in Germany and France.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Digital Transformation: The Basics
    1. Welcome to the Digital Transformation!
    2. The Digital Company
    3. Why is change so hard?
    4. Old and New: A Two-Speed World
    5. Points to Remember
  2. New Perspectives: How to Think in New Ways
    1. The Digital Circle
    2. The Need for Speed
    3. Points to Remember
  3. To Our Dear Clients: True Customer Centricity
    1. Three Sides of Value
    2. Three Points of View
    3. The Digital Strategy Map
    4. Points to Remember
  4. New and Improved! How to Make Innovation Work
    1. Innovation: What it is and Where it Happens
    2. Three Forces of Innovation
    3. Where Do We Grow From Here: The Ansoff Matrix
    4. From Idea to Product: Creating Innovation
    5. Tried and True: The Testing
    6. Don’t Ask Your Mother
    7. Innovation Portfolio Management
    8. Points to Remember
  5. Roadblock Ahead Organization, Culture and Coping with Change
    1. Five roadblocks
    2. Change You Culture, Change Your Organization
    3. Resources
    4. Points to Remember
  • Conclusion
  • Endnotes
A propos de l'auteur

Ömer Atiker