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The Coach's Guide to the Drama Triangle

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This is about the Drama Triangle, a psychological theory that sheds light on our relationships and interactions at work or home. Included are activities to use with employees in a range of situations.
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The Drama Triangle shows up in all areas of our work and life and links to personal and professional development.This book is aimed at professionals who have an interest in people development and/or organisational development. It is for leaders, line managers, human resource professionals, mentors, coaches and coaching supervisors.It is an ideal starter for new coaches or managers to build up a tool kit of working models in order to develop a greater psychological element to their approach. The tools and techniques are simple to follow and can be used immediately.

About the author

This book is written by Julia Menaul, who has been running her own successful practice, Spark Coaching and Training since 2001. She has nearly thirty years’ experience in the field of people development, working inside and outside organisations in the public, private and third sectors. Julia is an Accredited Professional Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching (AC) and is also a qualified supervisor of other coaches and supervisors. She also runs coach skills training for managers and leaders.

  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Curtain Call
  • About The Author
  1. What Is The Drama Triangle?
    1. The History Of The Drama Triangle
    2. All The World’s A Stage: The Players
    3. A Positive Spin On The Triangle? The Potency Pyramid
    4. Another Counter To Karpman’s Triangle: The Winner’s Triangle  
  2. Behind The Scenes
    1. Pure Theatre: How It Shows Up In Our Lives
    2. The Dance Macabre: How It Shows Up At Work
    3. Fairy Tales And The Cold War: How It Shows Up In Society  
  3. The Drama Triangle And Other TA Models In Coaching
    1. Drivers Theory - Please Others And The Pull To Help
    2. The Kitchen Sink Drama - Ego States
    3. The OK Corral - I’m OK, You’re OK
    4. If This Is A Drama, What Is The Script?
    5. The Understudy’s Role: Attachment Theory
  4. Non-TA Models And The Drama Triangle In Coaching
    1. Personal Effectiveness In Three Acts: Assertive, Passive Or Aggressive?
    2. The Only Game In Town: The Inner Game And Sports Theory
    3. The Golden Thread Of Emotional Intelligence
  5. Stepping Off The Drama Triangle: How To Use The Triangle With Clients
    1. The Power Of TED: The 3 Cs
    2. Coachees In Conflict Situations
    3. Honest Conversations
    4. Having The Super-Vision To Spot The Drama Triangle In Action
    5. Drama Triangle Activities For Coaches, Supervisors And Facilitators
  6. Summary
  7. References
This is a superb read - the best I have seen on the Drama Triangle. Julia Menaul explains it in detail with lots of practical examples that really resonate. I'd say it's a must read for everyone in the coaching profession AND for anyone else who really wants to understand themselves and others in relation to the Drama Triangle - because it's everywhere! I'm recommending this to all the coaches and trainee coaches I know.
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