Strategic Management of Human Capital

par Venkatesh Ganapathy
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171 pages
This book will give practical insights to help employers gain enduring competitive advantage in the global competition for talent.
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  1. Acknowledgements
  2. What is human capital management
  3. Scope of human capital management
  4. Need for human capital management
  5. Benefits of a HCM approach
  6. Knowledge management and human capital management
  7. Differences between HRM and HCM 
  8. The HCM versus HRM dilemma
  9. HR in small organizations
  10. Trends in human capital management
  11. Strategic management of human capital
  12. Managing human capital in today’s economy
  13. Leadership traits in the 21st century
  14. The true test of leadership
  15. Can leadership be taught or learned?
  16. Abusive leadership
  17. Leadership and change management
  18. It can be lonely at the top
  19. Level 5 leadership
  20. Tipping point leadership
  21. Servant leadership
  22. Micromanagement skills
  23. The power of delegation
  24. Introduction to recruitment & selection
  25. Induction program
  26. Innovative hiring in retail
  27. Smart hiring in start-ups
  28. Emotional intelligence revisited
  29. Placement agencies
  30. Bespoke headhunting
  31. Reference checking: an effective tool for HR managers
  32. Dipping morale in organizations
  33. Does 360 degree feed back always work?
  34. Gen Y: Is Maslow’s theory still valid?
  35. Compensation management & pay parity
  36. A good boss, handsome salary or career growth
  37. Dealing with frenemies in the work place
  38. Impression management in organizations
  39. Tale carriers
  40. Five tips: should you quit your job?
  41. Writing a winning resume
  42. Appearing for an interview?
  43. The merits of career planning
  44. Talent management
  45. Differences between HCM and talent management
  46. Redefining talent management
  47. Curry leaves, banana & talent
  48. Job enrichment & job enlargement
  49. Job-related stress
  50. Reverse mentoring
  51. The involved employee – how to spot one!
  52. Dealing with Gen Y
  53. The need to retain seasoned professionals
  54. When talent becomes a liability… 
  55. References

This book will give practical insights to help employers gain enduring competitive advantage in the global competition for talent.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor, Presidency School of Business, Bangalore. He teaches subjects in the domain of marketing, operations and general management. Venkatesh has graduated in oil technology from University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and has earned his management degree from Southern New Hampshire University. He is presently a doctoral research scholar at Alliance University, Bangalore. His interests are in the area of supply chain management, services marketing and retail management. He has published more than 15 research papers so far. Venkatesh is also an avid blogger. Venkatesh has a corporate experience of two decades in organisations like BP- Castrol and Panasonic- Firepro Systems. He has also been a visiting faculty at S P Jain Global Management Institute at their Singapore campus.

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The book makes for an interesting read. The real life case studies add to the appeal. I strongly recommend that this book be marketed well so that students and teachers do not lose out on the opportunity to read a good book.
15 février 2018 à 03:03
I enjoyed reading the book. Appreciate the real-life examples. The chapters on talent management and human capital management were brilliant. Language is easy on your nerves.
25 janvier 2018 à 04:20
I enjoyed reading the book. It is a must for every student who specialises in Human Resources at the MBA level.
25 janvier 2018 à 03:59
The book is very comprehensive and makes for engaging reading. Since I am a strategy consultant, the title was intriguing. I was not disappointed with what I read. The book has exhaustively covered all the essential elements of human capital management. I wish it was available as a hard copy!
24 janvier 2018 à 14:51
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