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Stop ‘Managing’ and Start Coaching!

Be the Leader People Want to Follow in 8 Simple Steps

Langue:  English
The book teaches managers how to incorporate basic coaching techniques into their management styles in eight simple steps so they can lead more effectively and achieve consistently higher results.
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A growing body of evidence shows that a coaching style of management produces higher levels of employee engagement, with consequent improvements in productivity, quality, staff retention and profitability. Evidence shows, too, that managers who coach rather than merely monitor compliance are better leaders because they enable those around them to grow in confidence and capability and so become better able to fulfill their own accountabilities. The techniques taught in this book are simple to understand and start using right away and will have a dramatic impact on managers’ effectiveness.

About the Author

Dave Stitt is a Professional Certified Coach and Chartered Civil Engineer who has been coaching executive teams in the construction industry for more than two decades. Before that, he rose to senior management positions in national construction and engineering firms, leading a number of successful corporate transformation programmes. He has raced in over a hundred triathlons, representing Great Britain in the 1991 Triathlon World Championship in Australia. His books include Coach for Results and Deep and Deliberate Delegation: A New Art for Unleashing Talent and Winning Back Time.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction: Who this Book is for and what it will do
  1. What is a Coaching Style of Management
    1. What Coaching isn’t
    2. ’But, but …’
  2. Why Coaching works
    1. What really motivates us?
    2. Psychological Safety
    3. You are the Glue
  3. Step 1: Hold high Quality Conversations
  4. Step 2: Encourage new Thinking
  5. Step 3: Starting the Coaching Conversations
  6. Step 4: The middle of the Coaching Conversations
  7. Step 5: Ending the Coaching Conversations
  8. Step 6: Coach all the Time
  9. Step 7: Manage your own State
  10. Step 8: Check your Mindset
    1. Give Progress its Due
    2. Cultivate a ‘Growth’ Mindset
    3. Put your Trust in Trustworthiness
  • Conclusion: Be the Leader People want to follow
  • Table of Figures
  • References
A propos de l'auteur

Dave Stitt