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Spotting Business Opportunities

Langue:  English
This book equips the reader with the art to create, spot and seize opportunities in our day to day life.
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Is it true that opportunities are everywhere and all over around us? Is it true that the current global uncertainties and turbulences have eroded opportunities? This book equips the reader with the tools to create, spot, seize, exploit and maximize opportunities. The book underscores the fact that when opportunities are not coming your way, it is your responsibility to build doors for them to knock on. If you have been careless with opportunities, the book prepares you to overcome regret over missed opportunities and to learn from the bleeps and blunders of the past and start chasing new prospects with energy.

About the Author

Mufaro Gunduza is an author, motivational speaker, coach and professor at Mount Carmel Institute of Business Intelligence in Harare, Zimbabwe. He has taught at a number of universities in Southern Africa. These include the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), the Women’s University in Africa (WUA), UNISA, Walter Sisulu University (WSU) and Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT).He pioneered the prestigious Masters Degree in Business Intelligence (MBI) in Africa. He regularly hosts executive seminars and conferences on Creativity & Innovation, Blue Sky Thinking, 360 Degree Ethical Leadership, Boardroom Intelligence, Guerrilla Research Methods and Financial Intelligence & Stewardship. He sits in the following boards: the Great Dyke Educational Trust, the Ethics Institute of Zimbabwe, and Emerald Hill School for the Deaf, the Marlen-Woch Foundation and the Rotary Club of Harare City’s Public Relations Cluster.

  1. The World of Opportunities
    1. What is an Opportunity?
    2. The Difference Between Ideas and Opportunities
    3. Are Opportunities Everywhere and All Around Us?
    4. Exercise
    5. Types of Opportunities
    6. Exercise
    7. Chapter Summary
  2. How to Create Opportunities
    1. How to Create Personal Opportunities in Life
    2. How to Create Business Opportunities
    3. Why Many People Miss Opportunities
    4. The Cost of and Examples of Missed Opportunities
    5. Exercise
    6. Chapter Summary
  3. Costly Missed Opportunities: Lessons for Entrepreneurs
    1. Case 1: Apple Co-Founder’s $50 Billion Blunder
    2. Case 2: Outbid for A Piece of YouTube
    3. Case 3: A Real Lack of Vision
    4. Case 4: Yahoo’s Failed Courtship of Facebook
    5. Case 5: Beatles “Have No Future in Show Business”
    6. Exercise
    7. Chapter Summary
  4. How to Overcome Regret Over Missed Opportunities
    1. Own it and Learn from It
    2. Hunt for the Next Opportunity
    3. Brainstorm Your Bleeps and Blunders
    4. Stay Hung Up
    5. Fuel Your Drive to Create Opportunities
    6. Forgive Yourself
    7. Exercises
    8. Exercise
    9. Chapter Summary
  5. How to Avoid Missed Opportunities
    1. Accept failure as part of the journey
    2. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities
    3. Never stop creating
    4. Believe in yourself
    5. Give something back to the world (and reap the financial rewards)
    6. Step out of your Comfort Zone
    7. Chapter Summary
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Mufaro Gunduza