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Social: The Heart of CSR

Organisations and Society

Langue:  English
The word 'Social' in Corporate Social Responsibility means 'relating to society'. This book explains how organisations relate to society and how this impacts thinking about CSR.
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Corporate Social Responsibility is Corporate Responsibility with the word “Social” at its heart.

An organisation’s responsibility to society in CSR is defined by society’s viewpoint, not the organisation’s viewpoint as in CR.

The book explores this viewpoint aimed at developing the reader’s own understanding about what the “Social” in CSR means.

A systems approach is taken that puts the organisation’s systems in the context of wider political and economic systems seen from society’s point of view.

The key tool applied in the book is critical thinking where assumptions in logic are challenged.

About the author

Peter Challis is the director of his own company, Time 4 Social Change. After a career in accountancy, he moved into strategic systems management first as a senior civil servant and then into local government. His mastersí degree in strategic management included a research paper on shared services in the public sector and he worked as an adviser to the Cabinet Office on the subject. After taking voluntary redundancy, he worked as a volunteer on one of the governmentís Big Society vanguard projects. He then helped several charities respond to austerity and Big Society and was a director of some of them. By becoming a reader in Northampton University library and then in Bodleian library at Oxford University, Peter taught himself the sociology of business. From his experience as a strategic manager, his knowledge of sociology and its application to management, Peter began writing for Bookboon. In his spare time, Peter writes science fiction novels and helps look after his disabled daughter.

  • Introduction
  • About the author
  1. What does CSR mean?
    1. CSR defined
    2. The difference between Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility
    3. The meaning of “Social”
    4. The importance of the word “Social” in CSR
    5. Chapter summary
  2. Thinking about Society
    1. Social Science
    2. Social Science and Common Sense
    3. Scientific method and Logic
    4. Disinformation
    5. Critical thinking
    6. Chapter summary
  3. The politics of CSR
    1. Ideology and CSR
    2. The Post-War Consensus
    3. Neo-liberalism
    4. Psychological manipulation
    5. Fake News
    6. Chapter summary
  4. Business in Society
    1. Ideology in Economics
    2. Alliance of Politicians and the Wealthy
    3. Limitations to the Regulation of Business
    4. Deliberate, undeclared public subsidy of business
    5. Chapter summary
  5. Towards a new social consensus
    1. What is Communitarianism?
    2. Communitarianism, politics and business
    3. How political change happens
    4. Towards a new social contract
    5. Chapter summary
  6. References and Further Reading
A propos de l'auteur

Peter Challis