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Self-Motivation as Your New Superpower

Forever Disrupt How You Approach Complex and Ambiguous Work

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What if you could tap into motivation, like a superpower? Ambiguous work requires a new approach to navigate the friction you face. You will self-discover how to self-motivate.
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What if you could tap into motivation, like a superpower?

Today’s workforce faces increased complexity and unknowns in addition to remote work conditions. Ambiguous work requires a new approach to navigate the friction you face.

We will uncover the central issue why motivation can and does remain elusive for you and why pushing harder with old tools and habits does not deliver results now. Self-motivation is the win-win approach to handle ambiguous work without becoming overwhelmed.

No one can tell you how to motivate yourself. That doesn’t work. You will self-discover how to self-motivate.

About the author

Jessica Manca is a professional executive coach, author, and senior talent management leader. Her passion for self-discovery and coaching helps introverted professionals disrupt inner limits to get out of their own way. Her 25-year, diverse career spans roles within HR-performance management and software development among recognized global organizations.

Her book, Finding Passion: A Self-Discovery Approach for Navigating Career Crossroads empowers readers to discover what they really want. She specializes in personal transformation work at Managing Mindspaces Coaching, San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Meet Jessica Manca, Coach & Author
  • Unlocking the Answers Within You
  1. Being Self-Motivated
    1. External vs. (Internal) Self-Motivation
    2. Motivational buoyancy
    3. Visual experiment: How motivationally buoyant are you?
  2. Staying Self-Motivated and Flexible
    1. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)
    2. Remote work environments
    3. Old habits and measuring sticks
    4. Psychological safety
    5. Investigate: What does the evidence say?
  3. Choosing a Superpower Mindset
    1. Judger mindset
    2. “Yes, if” to engage learner mindset
    3. Framework for Self-Motivation as a Superpower
    4. The power of choice
    5. Reflection: What’s shifting in your mindset?
  4. Using Superpower Accelerators
    1. Superpower Accelerators
    2. Thought experiment: Find the friction
    3. Challenge: Disrupting the things you can’t change
    4. Self-Motivation Superpower Summary
  5. Harnessing Self-Motivation as a Superpower
    1. Take action to move forward
    2. Increase personal resilience
    3. Boost productivity
    4. Elevate high functioning teams
    5. Checklist: Self-Motivation as a Superpower
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A – Self-Motivation as a Superpower Lookup Tables
  • Endnotes
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