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Recharging your Energy and Well-Being

How to Recharge your Mind and Body to be Resilient

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39m 21s
Langue:  English
This talk focuses on your energy and well-being to help you make positive changes to take care of yourself, to learn to be resilient and create techniques to re-energise your mind and body.
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We have all faced many unexpected challenges during the pandemic, testing our resilience and personal health. It is now time to make positive changes to take care of yourself. This talk will explain key ingredients of resilience and help you delve into your brain to get back in control. We explore how to alter a sense of fear to feeling free’er’. We consider how to change your thinking, your circumstances, your physiology to re-energise your mind and body to spring forward. We consider your body clock, the value of regular breaks and moments to relax, alongside healthy food choices and regular exercise. Join us to help you regain control and re-energise your life.

About the author

Gillian specialises in personal development and well-being. Her background covers nursing, midwifery, health visiting. Her experience includes working in the Australian outback with the Flying Doctor Service. Gillian has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Health Sciences, and is a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She established Health Circles 21 years ago and trains in Energy and Well-being, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading. She is an author and trainer and teaches Pilates Exercise to create healthier minds and bodies.

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Gillian Burn