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Promote Yourself

How to Become a Subject-Matter Expert

Langue:  English
Learn how to become a subject-matter expert - someone who has deep knowledge and experience in a specialist business area, to win internal promotions and secure more senior roles.
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Learn how to win internal promotions and secure more senior roles by becoming a subject-matter expert - someone who has deep knowledge and experience in a specialist business area.

Use your company’s interest in promoting its brand using digital marketing techniques to further your career, by becoming known as an expert in a business-critical skill, system or process.

This book shows you how to choose your specialist area, how to build your credibility as an expert and how to position yourself as a confident authority.

About the author

Anneve Hutchinson M IDM is a Marketing Consultant who helps professionals start and promote their own independent consultancy businesses.

She co-founded her marketing consultancy - The Marketing Matrix to provide B2B consultants with targeted marketing strategy, support and training from their offices in a beautiful Boathouse next to the River Thames in Surrey, UK.

She is best known as the author of the START Marketing Action Plan Manual for Consultancy Businesses, which helps consultants create and grow their businesses and win profitable, long-term contracts from ideal clients.

  1. Why Do You Work?
    1. Why your employer should help you become a subject-matter expert
    2. Take control over your destiny 13
  2. What is a Subject-Matter Expert and How do you Become One?
    1. So, how do you become a subject-matter expert?
  3. What is Your Specialist Subject?
    1. Questions that will help define your specialist subject
  4. Who Will You Help?
    1. What if no one is listening?
  5. Your Personal Brand
  6. What are your BHAGs?
  7. Showcase Your Expertise
    1. Write a blog
    2. Create a vlog - video blog
    3. Write a white paper, guide or ‘thought-piece’
    4. Create a course
  8. Position Yourself as an Authority
    1. Update your linkedin profile
    2. Get listed in online directories
    3. Write a book
  9. Speak Up!
    1. Speak about your specialist subject
    2. Feel the passion
    3. Include humour
    4. Build rapport
    5. Simplify
  10. Build Your Network
    1. Your expert one-liner
  11. Own Your Position as a Subject-Matter Expert
    1. Find a mentor
    2. Never stop learning
    3. Don’t compare yourself to others
    4. Make the most of digital channels
    5. Collect and share reviews
    6. Be the best you can be
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Anneve Hutchinson