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Numerical Analysis in HRM

The Research Toolkit

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‘Numerical Analysis in HRM’ guides HRM students into effective quantitative research. This book describes how to tackle concepts like hypothesis testing, t-and z-tests, chi-square and ANOVA tests.
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‘Numerical Analysis in HRM’ is the ultimate guide for HRM and business students guiding them into effective quantitative research. Taking into consideration students’ difficulties in manipulating figures, this book confidently describes how to tackle concepts like hypothesis testing, t-and z-tests, chi-square tests, ANOVA tests. It includes innovative topics like the Fishbone diagram, probability adapted to estimates and a Research Toolkit that integrates the mastering of the main quantitative techniques useful for sound quantitative research.

About the author

Dr Nirmal Kumar Betchoo is a full-time academic at the Université des Mascareignes, Mauritius with long teaching experience spanning nearly three decades. His areas of expertise include human resource management, public sector management, business strategy, international business and the management of diversity. He has published 6 academic books and contributed more than twenty articles in peer-reviewed journals and in important web directories like, highbeam research and afropages. He has extensively published in the local press over the past ten years. He has also presented papers in international conferences. Dr Betchoo has also served as external examiner to the University of Technology, Mauritius, the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development and the Mauritius Public Service. This book is his seventh publication.

  1. Quantitative Techniques in HRM 
  2. The Normal Distribution Curve Concept 
  3. Hypothesis Testing in HRM 
  4. t-Tests in HRM 
  5. Chi-Square tests in HRM 
  6. ANOVA tests in HRM 

Excellent book; Clear and vivid explanation; a must for the ones doing a dissertation.
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