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Mindfulness attitudes, Non-judgement, Patience

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15m 38s
Langue:  English
Have you ever felt unfairly judged because of your health issues? In this talk we explore mindfulness attitudes of non-judgement and patience to help you and your manager handle this appropriately
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Women’s health issues can often be judged unfairly in the workplace. In this talk I explore the mindfulness attitudes of non-judgement and patience, to assist managers in understanding how to apply these mind-sets to support women’s issues. I consider the meaning of each attitude in relation to mindfulness and how each attitude provides guidance for upholding good practices and practical application of management techniques.

A propos de l'auteur

Helen Morris

Helen Morris is a mindfulness teacher and menopause coach, specialising in managing stress, anxiety and awareness of menopause symptoms in the workplace. After a 30+ year career in IT management, Helen is now using her experience and training to support workplace well-being. She has created courses to promote management resilience, awareness for teachers and mindfulness for the menopause.