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Match Your Skillset to Your Work

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8m 50s
Langue:  English
Struggling to find success? The answer to this could be that your skillset doesn’t match what your business requires. In this episode, Jay discusses how you can overcome this.
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  • If you can’t quite but your finger on what’s not working within your business, for example getting more sales, ensure you’re constantly researching about your market.

  • Alternatively, you can write down all of your skills that you’re good at and package them up to sell. You can use past examples of how you’ve used them (Testimonials) and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to sell your services.

  • If you want to get into a different field of business, then make sure you do the research. One of the best ways to research is to experience being in that field and gaining skills required to be successful there.

  • You can then repurpose the skills you’ve learnt from all of your experiences to create a product. It’s so much easier to sell a product that you know all about.

  • A client can sense when you don’t know what you’re talking about so ensure you know what you’re doing.

A propos de l'auteur

Jay Dhillon

For the past 22 Years, Jay Dhillon has grown businesses from start-up to success and helped many others do the same. With limited savings, he grew his first business to 500 contract staff, winning major clients including Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and New Look.

In 2013, Jay was able to sell his business to a London based investment firm. Jay has gone onto further success since the sale, creating a strong business brand with his companies and helping others do the same. His skills in leadership, building teams, handling difficult situations are some of the lessons he shares with others in the audio book lessons.

In recognition for Jay’s work with the Prince's Trust, one the UK largest business mentoring charity programmes. His achievements were marked with a personal invitation to meet Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.