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Managing Remotely

And how to Keep your eTeam Working

Langue:  English
Covid changed work forever. Managers flounder as they try to control work being done by ‘absent’ workers. This book introduces the changes needed to our thinking and processes to meet this challenge.
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The Covid Pandemic has changed the way we work forever. There was little time to modify processes, build trust, or understand the fundamental changes this would make to behaviour. Many Managers found themselves floundering as they tried to retain control over work being done by ‘absent’ workers and struggled as they worried about losing control of their teams without clear instruction and guidance from above. This book introduces the importance of social interaction when working remotely and the key changes needed to Management thinking and processes to make this work in practice.

About the Author

Jacqui Hogan has wide experience in helping managers to be more effective. and believes that by sharing this experience she can help up and coming managers avoid some of the mistakes she made! She writes short, easy to understand books that a manager can refer back to and with tips, a manager can use in their everyday management activities; the sort of books she would like to read herself.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction
  2. What has changed?
    1. Recognising what has changed
    2. Recognising what hasn’t changed
    3. Understanding the issues
  3. Remote Management Myths
    1. Myth - People only work when they’re watched
    2. Myth - Online communications are the same as face-to-face
    3. Myth - Casual chat is a waste of time
    4. Myth – Remote Teams won’t be able to collaborate
    5. Myth - Time spent is more important than quality output
    6. Myth - Everyone has space/technology at home to work
    7. Myth - People will want total Control Over their Daily Schedule
    8. Myth - Remote Work Prohibits Career Advancement
    9. Myth - Remote Work Increases Loneliness
    10. Myth: Your company culture will unravel
    11. Myth - Extroverts prefer the office, introverts prefer working from home
    12. Myth – You need to recreate office life, but remotely
  4. A new Management Paradigm
    1. Trust, but verify
    2. Share information
    3. Know your Purpose and Values
    4. Commit to commonly understood goals
    5. Do not rely on existing processes and procedures
    6. Do not have rules – have guidelines
    7. Establish clear quality output guidelines
    8. Think and act like a Facilitator
    9. Be flexible
    10. One size doesn’t fit all
    11. Remember people need social contact
    12. Pay attention
    13. Do not assume that if people do not ask for help, all is OK
  5. Communication Styles
    1. Relevant behavioural preferences
    2. Different Styles
    3. Adapt your communication style
    4. Create a communications toolbox
  6. Encouraging Coffee Machine moments
    1. Encouraging spontaneous communication
    2. Creating a virtual coffee machine (and why you should)
  7. Dealing with misunderstandings
    1. Cultural misunderstandings
    2. Unconscious Bias
    3. Body Language online
  8. The social media dilemma
    1. Understanding fake news
    2. Encouraging discussion and sharing
  9. Hybrid Teams (Avoiding ‘Them and Us’)
    1. What is a Hybrid team?
    2. How Hybrid teams are different
    3. Techniques for keeping everything (and everyone) together
  10. Conclusion
  • Endnotes
A propos de l'auteur

Jacqui Hogan