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Managing digital risk

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Langue:  English
The concept of “Digital Risk” and its implications is explored.
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We explore the concept of “Digital Risk” in the 21st Century and its implications for organisations. We explain that a broader definition, and understanding, of the term is needed given the advent of “digital natives” in the workplace and the evolving relationship between technology and society. While this may seem like a strange thing to explore within an organisational context, we argue that, with the blurring of social and professional lives, as a result in part of greater reliance on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in order to perform work functions, we need to be mindful of a whole new range of risk issues outside of the “traditional” boundaries of Information Assurance, the traditional domain of digital risk.

  1. What is ’Digital Risk’
  2. Extending Digital Risk
  3. Legal, Ethical and Moral Responses
  4. Elements of Effective Digital Risk Management
  5. Assessing Digital Risk for Anticipation and Resilience
  6. Controlling Digital Risk: The Levers of Control
  7. Conclusions
À propos des auteurs

Andy Phippen

Simon Ashby