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Management, Menopause and Me

Langue:  English
Why is menopause a hot topic and what to do about it if you are a manager or working and suffering symptoms.
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This little book will help to highlight some of the issues and explain how menopause can affect the behaviour and workplace as well as explain why policies, while they are a start of a conversation, cannot be the end of the conversation!

About the Author

Over the last 25 years, I have set up and grown businesses across multiple sectors; as well as lectured in business. This gives me a unique perspective on problems faced and learning styles. From personal experience, I know what makes a good business team. I also hold a 1st (Hons) degree in Business Management and MA in Education.

I am an Amazon No 1 Bestselling author with Building Your Property Business, but my biggest achievement to date is retiring to France to live our dream life at 53. My hobbies include writing; painting (acrylics and watercolours); sewing; and running with my dogs.

    About the Author Introduction
  1. Menopause - What is it
    1. Possible Symptoms
    2. Uniqueness of Symptoms
    3. Practical Tips
  2. Menopause in the Workplace
    1. The Effect Within the Workplace
    2. Affects Upon Relationships
    3. Empathy Not Sympathy
    4. Practical Tips
  3. The Double, or even Triple, Whammy
    1. Problems at a Certain Age
    2. The Strain of Caring
    3. Strain on Mental Health
    4. Practical Tips
  4. Menopause Conversations
    1. Misunderstanding and Fear of the Conversation
    2. Why Empathy is Needed
    3. Non-Judgemental Discussions
    4. Practical Tips
  5. Menopause and Legislation
    1. Legal Implications of Ignoring This Topic
    2. Associated Costs
    3. Reasonable Adjustments
    4. Practical Tips
  6. Menopause Policy
    1. A Good Start
    2. What to Include
    3. Enabling Conversations
    4. Practical Tips
  7. Menopause Training
    1. Everybody’s Different
    2. Conversations
    3. What Not to Say to a Menopausal Woman…
    4. Practical Tips
  • Conclusion
  • Endnotes

Identify menopause training needs for managers and employees Understand the importance of sensitive communication and support for menopausal women

A propos de l'auteur

Beverley Lockett