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LinkedIn and the Seven Second Syndrome

Langue:  English
This book looks at LinkedIn and engagement and the lack of it for many. I look at one big reason, the attention span of people looking at a website, which is exactly what your LinkedIn profile is.
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This book is about how attention spans could be affecting you. It covers the relationship between LinkedIn and the seven second syndrome. How this syndrome affects your actual profile. How it also plays on the activities that you do on LinkedIn. It then goes onto to show you how to avoid this syndrome. It will cover the ways you can get your profile highly engaging and how that leads to increased ROI.

About the Author

With over 45 years in business and having previously owned a company as well as working for a leading chamber of commerce and running over 400 events for them, Tony K Silver has a wealth of business experience around relationship building. He is the creator of the LinkedIn Profile Audit (LIPA) report that generates qualified targeted leads, builds new relationships and generates more sales. and author of two LinkedIn books,the founder of Solid Silver Solutions is the driving force and the person who heads the delivery of the key services. Tony is the go-to guy for LinkedIn. He has taken the time to understand the algorithm and has become the LinkedIn profiler, often being ranked in the top 5 by the platform in its search criteria. With all his knowledge and years of experience, Tony can deliver successful results for his clients on a regular basis. With his connections in the LinkedIn trainer world, he is privy to information about items that are being beta tested and also has access to extensive research on each Algorithm update which allows him to inform his clients what to do in the way of activities and also what to avoid.

  • What is the Seven Second Syndrome?
  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Chapter Three
  4. Chapter Four
  5. Chapter Five
  • Summary
  • Bibliography and referencing
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Tony Silver