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Learning from Failure

Failure is not an option. But a reality, a guide to success!

19m 24s
Langue:  English
Approaching personal failure with resilience and a growth mindset. Leverage lessons from and the wisdom of others. A transformative force in your personal and professional development, and success.
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A truly enlightening and motivating expert talk from Steven J. Manning and Nathaniel Schooler! How to deal with failures in business and life. Convert failure to success and fulfillment. Remember that all really successful people have and fail often, and repeatedly. However, they never compromise or give up! Manning & Schooler share their vast experience in business. And wise counsel of notables like Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Winston Churchill, Maya Angelou. Never consider failure an option. Some failures are inevitable. Embrace with reality, intelligence, resilience, a growth mindset.

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Nat Schooler


Steven J. Manning