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Lean Management

Are you Lean and Mean or Inefficient and Nonproductive?

29m 44s
Langue:  English
Manning and Schooler take a critical dive into the meaning and practice of lean and mean for businesses, and your own business life. Lean and mean and successful vs. stout, sluggish, unproductive.
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This Manning & Schooler expert talk is a must! Exceptionally engaging, informative, instructive and entertaining! One of those rare “expert talks” that compels listeners to take copious notes! So much substance here for every listener.Run a business and or to work for one to make money and improve quality of your life! Must be lean and mean to be successful, in business and your personal life. Eliminate waste of all resources: physical, financial and human. Everything you do has to be opportunistic, as it was when the business or your career was truly nascent. Lean and mean. Rewarding and fun!

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Nat Schooler


Steven J. Manning