Leadership Styles Uncovered

How Good Leaders Can Become Great Leaders

par Dr. Jimmy Arthur Atkins
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55 pages
Leadership Styles Uncovered: How Good Leaders Can Become Great Leaders focuses on the fundamentals of leadership that transcend organizational boundaries including character, values, and integrity.
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  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Crisis of Leadership
  2. Are Leaders Born or Made? 
  3. The Good, the Bad, and Ugly Side of Leadership 
  4. Leading Self with Character 
  5. Leading with Integrity 
  6. Valuing People 
  7. Leading in a Global Village 
  8. Leading Organizational Change 
  9. Leadership and Stewardship
  10. Taking the Lead on Diversity 
  11. Leadership and Creativity 
  12. The Future of Organizations 
  13. Winning the War for Talent in the Social Sector 
  14. Conclusion and Final Reflections

Leadership Styles Uncovered: How Good Leaders can Become Great Leaders seeks to change the conversation on leadership from what leaders do to who leaders are and how leaders can be more effective. This e-book surveys scholarly and contemporary thinking on leadership in a manner that is practical and accessible to busy managers and leaders. This e-book encourages the reader to reflect more deeply on their own leadership style and behavior and explore alternatives. Leadership Styles Uncovered explores important themes such as leading with character, values, diversity and inclusion, change, and creativity.

About the author

Dr. Jimmy Arthur Atkins is an Associate Professor of Management at Pfeiffer University where he teaches in the Master of Science in Leadership and Change program. He also serves as a Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda Germany. Prior to his work in academia, Atkins was the President of The Atkins Leadership Group, LLC and provided management and training solutions to educational, government, not-for-profit, and private enterprises.

An excellent book to use even on Higher Education level with students who are already employed on a full-time basis as in an ever-changing world of work. The reflective approach assists in deep-learning.
14 février 2019 à 11:21
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