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Keep Moving: Making Change Stick

13m 44s
Langue:  English
Change is hard and despite the best of intentions we often fall back into old habits. In this talk learn practical ways to make change stick.
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The latest findings in Neuroscience show that the human brain is much more malleable than previously thought. This means that we can all change our behaviour and form new habits at any point in our lives. However, this is hard to achieve: despite the best of intentions we often revert back to our old ways of doing things. In this talk, learn how you can make change stick through building your Capability, Opportunity and Motivation to create change.

About the Author

Clare Fitzsimmons is an organisational change and leadership development expert with a wealth of experience working with global companies to strengthen leadership capability and build high performing teams.She is passionate about facilitating behavioural change that enables individuals, teams and organisations to reach their true potential. Topics Clare works extensively on include: Thriving in Change, Coaching & Feedback, Virtual Teaming and Building Diverse & Inclusive Cultures.

A propos de l'auteur

Clare Fitzsimmons