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Intercultural Fluency

Langue:  English
Intercultural Fluency is a handbook of what’s involved in successful intercultural communication. It offers tips and strategies on how to prepare and learn from doing business in a globalised world.
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Intercultural Fluency functions as a kind of map of what’s involved in successful intercultural communication. It is a handbook to increase awareness of how different cultural mindsets affect communication. It offers practical tips, guidelines and strategies on how to prepare for and learn from doing business in a modern, globalised world and is illustrated with examples and case studies from real life.

About the Author

Allie Edwardsson has worked interculturally with communication and leadership for more than 30 years. She has worked with large international companies such as Ericsson and Microsoft as well as the public sector. Recently she worked with People Development at Canon.Currently Allie works independently as a coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, web-learning creator, digital classroom trainer and project manager in the areas of learning and development, leadership and communication. She has also written a book on time and stress management and how to plan our schedule in a brain-friendly way.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Cracking the Code of Intercultural Fluency
    1. The five parts of the code
    2. Intention versus technique
  2. What is fluency?
    1. Fluency = Flow + Focus
    2. Intercultural Fluency
  3. What is culture?
    1. Definitions of culture
    2. Stereotypes or cultural patterns?
  4. Dimensions of Cultural Difference
    1. The Cultural Pyramid
    2. Trompenaars’ Seven Dimensions
  5. Culture and communication
    1. Cultural patterns – how do you get from A to B?
    2. My World – Your World
  6. Learning from Cultural Incidents
    1. The Communication Waltz
    2. Checklist for Communication
  7. Small Talk and Intercultural Fluency
    1. Tips for small talk
    2. Small talk tennis
  8. Do’s, Taboos and Strategies
    1. Do’s and Taboos
    2. Strategies for communicating across cultures
  9. Conclusion
  • Reading
A propos de l'auteur

Allie Edwardsson