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Influencing with the 4 Elements

Langue:  English
Are you interested in psychology, known to ancient philosophers of more than 2.500 years ago? Then this book is a must read. It will help you to be more influential in your interaction with others.
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Influencing with the 4 elements: give the other what he or she needs and get what you want more easily.Would you like to have more influence and make it easier to get what you want? Are you interested in knowing yourself and others better? Then this book is certainly of interest to you. It will really help you to be more influential.Do the self-assessment in this book and discover which element has your preference. Read about how to focus on the element and the needs of someone else and by doing that increase your influence.Enjoy! Robert Schulte

About the Author

Robert is a very experienced international coach & trainer in behavioral growth. He has worked for several renowned training companies in the Netherlands. As a trainer/coach and as a director of a trainer group.In 2008 he founded his own coaching & training company: Senaro. Senaro realizes lasting change in leadership, teams and personal growth. Robert is author of this book in English and Dutch, published by Bookboon. He is co-author of a book on accountmanagement, “Echte accountmanagers golfen niet”, published by Thema in 2009.

  1. Introduction
  2. Personality
    1. What is Personality?
    2. Archetypes
    3. Modern Personality Assessments
  3. Hippocratic model
    1. Dimension 1, Communication Style: Extrovert versus Introvert
    2. Dimension 2, Focus: Task versus People
    3. Archetypes of the Four Elements
  4. Elements and their Preferred Style
    1. Fire Element
    2. Air Element
    3. Earth Element
    4. Water Element
    5. Summary
  5. Needs of the Elements
    1. Origin of Behavior
    2. Needs per Element
  6. Influencing with the Four Elements
    1. Importance of Good Relations
    2. Recognizing the Preferred Element of Someone Else
    3. Interaction Pitfalls
    4. Adapting to the Need of Fire
    5. Adapting to the Need of Air
    6. Adapting to the Need of Earth
    7. Adapting to the Need of Water
    8. Your Element & The Element of the Other
  7. Elements & Horoscope
  8. Self Test: “Which element Fits You?”
    1. Questionnaire
    2. Processing Your Answers
    3. An Example
    4. Your Own Style
  9. About the Author
  10. Literature
A propos de l'auteur

Robert M. Schulte