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Implementing ‘Duty of Care’ Duties: Part 2

An approach with tools to care of your company

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This is the second part of the two-part book on ‘Duty of Care’. It contains several Plans, Policies and Audit Questionnaires to review and improve management’s Duty of Care tasks.
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This is the second part of the two-part book on ‘Duty of Care’. It contains 18 plans and 14 policies to support managers in establishing and executing their Duty of Care responsibilities and a set of 69 audit questionnaires with over 1000 questions to assess and improve their management duty of care tasks better. The first part is The “Duty of Care” Management.

About the author

John Kyriazoglou obtained a B.A. (Honours) from the University of Toronto, Canada, also earning a Scholastic award for Academic Excellence in Computer Science. John has worked in Canada, England, Greece and other countries for over 35 years, as a Senior IT manager, Managing Director, IT auditor and consultant, in a variety of clients and projects, in both the private and the public sectors. He has published several books and articles in professional publications, has served in numerous scientific committees and is a member of several professional and cultural associations.

He is currently the Editor-in-Chief for the Internal Controls Magazine (U.S.A.).

  1. Dedications 
  2. Acknowledgements 
  3. Synopsis of ‘Duty of Care’ Book 
  4. Summary: ‘Duty of Care’ Support Tools 
  5. Part 2.1: Introduction to ‘Duty of Care’ Plans 
  6. Crafting Policies and Procedures Management Plan 
    1. Methodology 
  7. Fire Safety Management and Evacuation Plan 
    1. Objective of this plan 
    2. Fire Safety Management and Evacuation Plan – Example for Company ‘XXY’ (fictitious business entity) 
    3. Workplace Hazards Prevention Actions Plan 
    4. Objective of this plan 
    5. Workplace Hazard Prevention Actions Plan – Example for Company ‘XXY’ (fictitious business entity) 
  8. Data Security Management Plan 
    1. Objective of this plan 
    2. Contents 
  9. Corporate Intelligence Monitoring Management Plan 
    1. Objective of this plan 
    2. Actions 
  10. Corporate Risk Management Plan 
    1. Objective of this plan 
    2. Actions 
  11. Corporate Cultural Resilience Improvement Plan 
    1. Objective of this plan 
    2. Actions 
  12. Corporate Team Improvement Plan 
    1. Objective of this plan 
    2. Actions 
  13. Workplace Wellness Plans 
    1. Corporate Employees’ Wellness Improvement Plan 
    2. Ten Golden Values Life Improvement plan 
    3. Emotional and Mental Health Improvement plan 
  14. ‘Duty of Care’ Approach Improvement Plans 
    1. Corporate Governance Improvement Plan 
    2. Board Effectiveness Improvement Plan 
    3. Executive Leadership Improvement Plan 
    4. Business Operations Improvement Plan 
    5. Manage Human Aspects Improvement Plan 
    6. Trust and Confidence Improvement Plan
    7. Internal Controls Improvement Plan 
  15. Part 2.2: Introduction to ‘Duty of Care’ Policies 
  16. Wellness, Stress and Health Policies 
    1. Policy #01: Workplace Wellness Policy 
    2. Policy #02: Occupational Stress Management Policy 
    3. Policy #03: Workplace Health and Safety Policy 
  17. Health Records and Human Rights Policies 
    1. Policy #04: Employee Health Records Management Policy 
    2. Policy #05: Human Rights Policy 
  18. Public Relations Policies 
    1. Policy #06: Community Relations Policy
    2. Policy #07: Corporate Communications Policy 
  19. Corporate Philosophy Policies 
    1. Policy #08: Conflicts of Interest Policy 
    2. Policy #09: Corporate Ethics Policy 
    3. Policy #10: Vision, mission and values statements 
    4. Policy #11: Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 
  20. Data, Customer and Environment Policies 
    1. Policy #12: Data Protection Policy 
    2. Policy #13: Customer Service Policy 
    3. Policy #14: Environment Management Policy 
  21. Part 2.3: Introduction to ‘Duty of Care’ Audit Questionnaires 
  22. Corporate Philosophy Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Internal Controls Framework Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Corporate Vision, Mission, and Values Statements Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Departmental Vision, Mission, and Values Statements Assessment Questionnaire Corporate Ethics Policy Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Corporate Ethics Program Assessment Questionnaire 
  23. Strategic Performance Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Strategic Readiness Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Business Idea Development Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Corporate Strategic Plan Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Strategic Management Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. Organizational Controls Readiness Assessment Questionnaire 
  24. Monitoring Controls Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Enterprise Controls Monitoring Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Communications System Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Internal Audit Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Monitoring Strategic Plan Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. Monitoring Corporate Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
  25. Corporate Governance Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Strategic Planning Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. DOC Policies Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Corporate Management Responsibility Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Performance Management Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. Awareness, Communication and Training Assessment Questionnaire 
    6. Business Continuity Assessment Questionnaire
    7. Emergency and Disaster Management Assessment Questionnaire 
    8. Management and Continuous Improvement Assessment Questionnaire 
  26. IT Governance Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. IT Terms of Reference Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. IT Vision, Mission, and Values Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. IT Strategic Planning Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. IT Technology Coverage Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. IT Performance Assessment Questionnaire 
    6. Monitoring IT Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
  27. Administration Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Policies and Procedures Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Departmental Terms of Reference Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Records Management System Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Legal Issues Assessment Questionnaire 
  28. HR Management Assessment Questionnaires
    1. HR Management System Assessment Questionnaire
    2. Personnel Responsibilities and Skills Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Personnel Management Policy Assessment Questionnaire 
  29. Personal Wellness Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Personal Happiness Audit Questionnaire 
    2. Personal Stress Audit Questionnaire 
    3. Occupational Stress Audit Questionnaire 
  30. Executive Wellness Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Senior Executives Occupational Stress Audit Questionnaire 
    2. Corporate Wellness Audit Questionnaire
  31. Personnel Engagement Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Consulting Employees on Health and Safety Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Employee Wellbeing Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Return to Work Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Annual Employee Satisfaction Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. End Notes 
  32. Financial Management Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Detail Management Controls Assessment Questionnaire
    2. Financial Management Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Asset Management Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Corporate Fraud Management Assessment Questionnaire
  33. Plant Safety Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Health and Safety Hazards and Risks Management Assessment Questionnaire
    2. Plant and Equipment Safety, Maintenance and Testing Assessment Questionnaire Hazardous Waste Disposal Assessment Questionnaire
    3. Health and Safety Incident Management Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. First Aid Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. End Notes 
  34. Production Process Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Production Process Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Purchasing Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Inventory Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Quality Management Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
  35. Workplace Health and Safety Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Workplace Health - Violence and Security Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Workplace Health - Fatigue Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Workplace Infectious Diseases Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Workplace Health - Noise Assessment Questionnaire 
    5. Workplace Health - Radiation Assessment Questionnaire 
    6. Workplace Health - Asbestos Assessment Questionnaire 
    7. End Notes 
  36. Data Protection and Privacy Assessment Questionnaires 
    1. Data Sensitivity Protection Assessment Questionnaire 
    2. Human Resource Cultural Controls Assessment Questionnaire 
    3. Data Privacy Principles Compliance Assessment Questionnaire 
    4. Data Privacy Corporate Issues Assessment Questionnaire 
  37. Bibliography 
  38. Section A: Publications by John KYRIAZOGLOU 
  39. Section B: Other Publications 
  40. Peer Review Comments
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