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Igniting your mind and body

Understanding the value of daily exercise and movement

32m 10s
Langue:  English
This talk focuses on the value of easy and effective movements to perform throughout the day. These help recharge, re-energise, rebalance and restore health and wellbeing to ignite your mind and body.
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Moving regularly throughout the day boosts our mind and body, encouraging blood and oxygen flow, enhancing clarity of thought and problem solving. Consider how ideas flow when away from your desk, or in a different space from work, a computer or phone? This talk encourages you to create new exercise habits throughout the day by standing up and moving. The series of specific movements takes 2 to 20 minutes including breathing, stretching, rotating, spiralling and connecting both the left and right side of your brain to ignite your mind and body to feel better.

A propos de l'auteur

Gillian Burn