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Ignite Exercise: Focusing on Toning Your Legs

Boost Overall Posture and Strengthen Your Back and Hips

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11m 56s
Langue:  English
The series of exercises tone your legs to help improve posture, back strength and core stability. They encourage recruitment of different muscle groups around the legs so you feel stronger and toned.
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To focus in this episode is to expose the muscles to movement which will tone your legs and improve your posture, affecting your hips, back strength and core stability. They can all be done easily near your work area. The exercises work through each muscle group including your bottom, upper thighs, hamstring muscles, behind your thighs, together with the knee joint and calf and ankles. The exercises encourage the correct recruitment of muscles, so you feel stronger and more toned enabling you to carry out everyday activities easier and with greater movement.

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Gillian Burn