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Ignite Exercise: Focusing on Toning Your Arms

Increase strength and range of movements around the arms

10m 42s
Langue:  English
The series of exercises tone your arms strengthening the muscle groups, increasing range of movements and provide fluidity of movements so your arms feel stronger and more toned for everyday tasks.
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The focus for this episode is to use a series of exercises to tone your arms, whilst using simple hand weights if you prefer as an extra challenge. The exercises incorporate each of the muscle groups around the arms including the biceps and triceps muscles at the front and back of the arms, shoulders and upper back. The movements include swinging arms up and down, reaching out, stretching and circling. These all encourage a greater range of movement around the arms and shoulders. They can be carried out around your work area sitting, standing or sitting on the floor on a cushion.

A propos de l'auteur

Gillian Burn