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Ignite Exercise: Focusing on Enhancing Balance

Improve core strength, co-ordination and posture.

15m 25s
Langue:  English
Enhancing balance strengthens your hips, knees and ankles so you feel stronger. The exercises strengthen both sides of your body, adjusting misalignment, improving mobility, so you feel steadier.
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This episode will help by encouraging your body to re-align and re-energise. Improving your balance is an essential skill to develop whatever your age. The series of exercises can be carried out simply at work or at home. The exercises focus on each leg in turn helping to strengthen hips, knees and ankles so your body feels stronger. This helps with any misalignment, as most people are stronger on one side than the other. The exercises help to strengthen both sides of your body equally, improving mobility, and helping to prevent falls by encouraging you to feel on your feet.

A propos de l'auteur

Gillian Burn