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Hybrid Working: Principles and Challenges

A Practical Guide into a Sustainable Hybrid Strategy

Langue:  English
How to facilitate a sustainable way of hybrid working that simultaneously strengthens your organisation? This book captures how to get a handle on hybrid working, along with advice and practical tips.
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Hybrid working is the new standard of work. But how do you implement a successful hybrid working strategy?Research shows that the majority of employees are most productive when they work in a hybrid manner, with a general preference for working 2 to 3 days from home. Facilitating working from home has therefore become a requirement in order to attract new employees.How do you facilitate a sustainable way of hybrid working that simultaneously strengthens your organisation? In this eBook, we will show you how the get a handle on hybrid working, along with advice and practical tips.

About the Authors

Dr. Ruth Hekman is a Dutch specialist in organisational psychology and employee experience. Dr. Hekman obtained her PhD in organisational psychology from the University of Roehampton in London, UK. Her research focusses on the employee (engagement) experience. She uses this research to advise organisations in optimising this employee engagement experience. Today, she works mainly for healthcare and scale up organisations who want to achieve sustainable growth but also continuously improve the employee experience.

Victor Dik, co-founder of Workwize, started Workwize with the mission to make remote work accessible for all companies. This because I believe remote working will permanently revolutionize the way we work. Working from home, whether it be hybrid or fully remote, has already been embraced by many people and companies across the globe and is opening new avenues of personal and professional growth. And this is just the start, as being allowed to work from home is rapidly becoming an important job requirement for skilled applicants around the world.Holly is a content marketeer and brand strategist from Sydney, Australia with over 7 years of experience in strategic communications. Initially building the foundations of her skillset in agencies, this propelled her into the B2B SaaS scale-up world. Here, is where she gets to ask all the 'why's,' hone-in on data-driven insights and produce content that, not only assists in business direction, but brings added value to the end-user. Her passion lies in driving public discussion and interest towards more people-first organizational operating models. This includes diving into trending public opinions, behaviours and the various ways companies are experimenting with hybrid and remote work to address these.

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  1. What is Hybrid Working?
    1. History of Hybrid Work
    2. Different Types of Hybrid Working
    3. Conclusion
  2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Working
    1. Why would you want to implement a Hybrid Working Strategy?
    2. Why wouldn’t you want to implement a Hybrid Working Strategy?
    3. Conclusion
  3. Hybrid working: The Basics
    1. Company Culture and Hybrid Work
    2. Leadership and Hybrid Working
    3. Facilitating a healthy Home Office
    4. Meetings in the Hybrid Working Strategy
    5. Hybrid Onboarding
    6. Conclusion
  4. Challenges of Hybrid Working and how to tackle these
    1. Visibility and Appreciation
    2. The Social Aspect of Hybrid Work
    3. Mental Well-Being in a Hybrid Working Structure
    4. Inequality and Hybrid Work
    5. Innovation
    6. Conclusion
  • Conclusion
  • List of Tables & Figures
  • References

Gain insights on successfully integrating hybrid workplace models. Equip with strategies to maintain team collaboration and individual productivity. Identify measures to support employee well-being in a hybrid setup.

À propos des auteurs

Holly Whittaker

Victor Dik

Ruth Hekman