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How to Sell Virtually

Selling and Presenting in the Post Pandemic World

Langue:  English
The business world changed forever in March 2020. Overnight, we had to do business over a screen. Keith & Susannah – veteran sales professionals - show you how to sell, present and win virtually.
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The business world changed more since March 2020 than it did in the previous 2 decades. The way we work, more specifically, where we work from, has shifted enormously and our approach to doing business has had to shift with it. Realising that many of us can be as productive working remotely by embracing new technology has been part of this shift. Many companies reported an uplift in sales as a result of re-evaluating their approach.Selling remotely is not easy but there are ways to bridge the “experience gap” between meeting in-person and virtually. Susannah and Keith explain how.

About the Authors

Keith Rozelle has had 30-year career in corporate sales with many blue-chip brands, such as HP, EDS, BT and a host of SMEs. Keith has sold to Investment Banks and Telecoms firms all over the world and led many sales teams of up to 350.2 career high points for Keith were: a) winning a $1.3Bn outsourcing deal with Vodafone Group as highlighted in The Sunday Times and also b) turning around a small charity, 30-days from having to be wound-up.Keith launched Sales Marvel in 2018 to help SME businesses and early career talent get more sales-confident.Susannah Mathieson’s sales experience covers a range of sectors such as Automotive, Telecoms and Decorative Paints and a range of disciplines including Retail Sales, Account Management, Business Development, Telesales and Sales Leadership.  Her passion for sales, combined with a desire to help others achieve their sales goals was realised in March 2019 when she founded “the small stuff”, a sales training and coaching organisation aimed at making small changes in the sales process for optimal performance. Clients include telecoms and tech giants, educational organisations and several SMEs.

  • About the Authors
  1. Introduction
    1. The Changing World & New Ways of Doing Business
    2. The Age of the Video Call
    3. Virtual Meetings Today
    4. Face-to-Face vs Virtual Meetings
  2. Meeting Preparation
    1. Communication
    2. Objectives & Outcomes
    3. Content & Presentation
    4. Environmental & Technical Requirements
  3. The Virtual Meeting
    1. The Basics
    2. Non-verbal communication
  4. Meeting Content & Flow
    1. Holding Participants’ Attention
    2. The End of the Meeting
    3. Gaining commitment and closing techniques
  5. Conclusion
  6. Table of References
  7. References
À propos des auteurs

Keith Rozelle


Susannah Mathieson