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How to Influence Big Egos!

14m 3s
Langue:  English
International speaker, award winning author and former BBC TV & Radio producer Esther Stanhope shares her transformational communication tips for leaders on how to influence big egos!
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Why are egotistical people so difficult to manage and influence?Is there a magic key to unlocking these very particular characters?Author, speaker and personal impact expert, Esther Stanhope answers these two puzzling questions and shares her observations, tips and stories from working with BIG personalities, politicians, business leaders and Hollywood Stars behind the scenes at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) What she finds is …The bigger ego – the bigger the inner demons! If someone has a big ego – I.E they only seem to care about themselves and their reputation – there’s usually a reason for it. They often feel the need to PROOVE they are brilliant, because they feel secretly insecure inside.There’s good news. There is a formula that will help you crack the code and give you the ability to influence big egos in future.By the end of this episode you will…have a rock-solid formula – the 4 S’s to give you confidence next time you’re faced with a BIG EGO.This is a handy lesson for every leader who needs to stay calm under pressure and appear strong and secure in their own skin.The 4S formula will help you sail through those awkward moments when the ego doesn’t want to budge, yet you NEED to persuade them to. So next time you hear “The Ego Has Landed” rather than quake in your boots, you’ll be rock solid and ready to take them on with a smile on your face!For more useful tips, tricks and techniques to look, sound and feel confident as a leader, visit Esther’s website for some juicy content, podcasts, books, hacks, materials and more.

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Esther Stanhope