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How to Build Confidence

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12m 58s
Langue:  English
In this episode you’ll learn about the four ways to build confidence in whatever sphere of endeavor you choose and some things to avoid.
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Struggling with a lack of confidence sometimes? You are not alone. It sometimes appears to be an elusive quality that others have in abundance and we don’t. The good news is firstly, that’s not true, and secondly everyone can develop higher levels of confidence. In this episode, I’ll share the four ways you can develop lasting confidence in rank order of effectiveness and a couple of things to avoid. We’ll look at the mindset hack that makes the difference and the type of goal to focus on.

About the Author

Anthony runs ThreeFifty9, a mental skills consultancy that specialises in equipping people and teams with the mental skills needed to thrive in today’s world. We focus on developing personal and leadership performance through mental toughness and changing the story around mental health. He is the author of Tips from the Top – the secrets of how to successfully navigate middle management and Mental Toughness Metaphors – Stories to build resilience for parents, coaches, trainers and thinkers.

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Anthony Taylor