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How to Accept Ourselves and Others

A Mindful Way of Living and Working

Langue:  English
It is critical to comprehend how acceptance is perceived and what it entails. This book covers many workplace effects of acceptance, including team building and working with managers.
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This book provides a clear explanation of the idea of acceptance and illustrates how to use it in everyday situations. Once you've finished the book, you'll be able to see for yourself how your perspective on the world around you changes. The readers of this book will benefit from the ease and comfort that acceptance will bring to life.Managers can develop and be productive by accepting their teams, and employees can accept difficult managers to ultimately create a better work environment.

About the Author

 Tayfun Saltaş is a professional coach & IT executive with extensive training in psychodrama, psychotherapy, & personality disorders. He achieved the prestigious PCC certification in 2019 & has a wealth of experience in leadership development, mentoring, & IT management. Tayfun has helped numerous startups to improve their leadership skills, IT management, and project management strategies. He's passionate about coaching and mentoring, with a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals in personal and professional life.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. What Is Accepting?
    1. The Difference Between Accepting and Tolerating
    2. Accepting Is Not Approving
    3. Accepting Is Perceiving Without Judgement
  2. Embracing VUCA through Acceptance
    1. Definition of VUCA
    2. Strategies for Managing VUCA
    3. The Power of Acceptance: How it Can Improve Your Life
  3. Impeding Work Performance by Non-Acceptance
    1. The Innate Ability to Accept
    2. Exploring the Causes of Lost Acceptance in Adults
    3. Self-Sabotage: Understanding Obstacles We Create for Ourselves
  4. Maximizing Productivity and Enhancing Performance
    1. Moving Beyond Criticism
    2. The Essential Role of Acceptance in Personal Development
    3. Navigating the Business World through Acceptance
    4. You Cannot Change Your Material, But Your Product
    5. Do Not Wait to Be Flexible for Dancing
    6. Embracing Your Limitations: A Path to Career Success
  5. Building a strong presence in your work
    1. The Power of Emotional Awareness
    2. Accepting Our Beliefs Without Defending Them Blindly
    3. Tips for Showing Your Presence
    4. The Art of Wearing Many Hats: Managing Different Roles in Different Situations
    5. Embrace Your True Self
  6. Creating an Effective Work Environment through Understanding and Acceptance
    1. Collaborating with Tough Managers
    2. Maximizing Team Effectiveness through Understanding Roles
    3. Maintaining a Healthy Balance in Roles Through Accepting
    4. Team Building Through Encouraging Role Acceptance
    5. Maximizing Team Potential with Existing Resources
    6. Motivating Your Team to Take on New Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • List of References
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Tayfun Saltas