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From Face-to-Face to Virtual Communication

Shaping Conversations, Building Relationships

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Langue:  English
From Face-to-Face to Virtual Communication helps you transition your communication skills from the in-person to the virtual environment and offers tips for an enriched online experience.
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From Face-to-Face to Virtual Communication introduces the Me/We/Together model, easily applicable to in-person and virtual communication. Anchored in the author’s many years of experience as educator, coach, and leader, this eBook helps you transition your communication skills from the face-to-face to the virtual environment and offers tips for an enriched online experience. From Face-to-Face to Virtual Communication invites readers to shape new conversations through active listening, increased self-awareness, managing emotionally charged conversations, using feedforward instead of feedback and mastering stakeholder management.

About the author

Daniela is an international leadership coach with certifications and accreditations from recognised worldwide organisations such as Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Co-Active Training Institute, Birkman International and the UK Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.
  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction
  3. Notes on the Dynamics of Human Interaction. Identity and Role
    1. Identity and Social Interaction
    2. Organisational Culture. Motivation at Work
    3. Verbal and Non-verbal Communication. Cultural Differences
  4. Me/ We/ Together: A Communication Map
    1. Me/ We/ Together Communication: Self-Assessment
  5. Communicating About Me
    1. Self-Awareness and Assertiveness
    2. Emotions and Their Impact on Communication
    3. Learning to Cope with Emotions
    4. Integrity at Work
  6. Communicating in the Team
    1. Listening and Acknowledgment
    2. “Not Listening” is a Bad Habit
    3. Acknowledgment
    4. Influence and Persuasion
    5. Finding Common Ground
    6. Withholding Judgment
    7. Non-Verbal Communication
    8. Giving and Receiving Recognition
  7. Communicating in the Organisation
    1. Building Trust with Stakeholders
    2. Sharing
  8. Shaping Conversations Online
    1. The Me/ We/ Together Map when Communicating Online
    2. Twelve Tips for a Positive Video Conference Experience
  9. How to Use the “Me/ We/ Together” Communication Map
  10. Table of Figures
  11. Bibliography
A very useful read for me especially as we have been going through a period of growth during these strange times where virtual communication was often the only option. Highly recommended.
An excellent book about communication; easy to read. The three main things that I took away from it are: designing the alliance, listening and feeding forward. It made me realise the importance of feeding forward (what to improve in the future as opposed to feeding back), looking into the future as opposed to into the past. The knowledge gained from reading this has already helped me improve communication with my team and thus be seen as a more valuable resource.
Easy to read, relevant examples, very helpful insight.
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Daniela Rohan