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Expert Talk: Win Clients on LinkedIn as a Coach

Interview with Catherine B. Roy

48m 35s
Langue:  English
Join us for this fun chat with Catherine B. Roy on IQ, personal and business growth, and learning.
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I hardly laughed as much as with Catherine B. Roy in this episode. She is just so much fun, and I think I need to have her back for another chat sometime very soon. So we started with a great laugh (literally, if you tune in).

  We start the conversation around her IQ which is over 156, and she is a MENSA member; I actually did a test on the back of it. My result was less, still within the top 9% of people. She is a personal growth and business growth coach and developed a system for emotional and intellectual development, living from your heart and mind. Catherine describes her talents that she can learn quicker, accept differences easier and has a longer memory; her system is about tapping into 2% of the brain that helps you to raise your game as an individual to become better at what you do.  Without controlling her talent, she can get overwhelmed, as she has high attention to detail. Her system looks at Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and IQ at the same time. We are both experienced in EQ and realised that unfortunately a lot of senior and successful people don’t have a high EQ at all.
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Volker Ballueder