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Expert Talk: Digitalization

Interview with Brian Gracely

23m 35s
Langue:  English
Digitalization is now a necessity. It's changing entire industries and bringing about new challenges for businesses everywhere. In this interview with Brian Gracely, we discuss how to make it work.
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Let's talk about digitalization -- what does it look like? Yes, each business aims to become digitized. Whether that means buying experience moves something online or digital, whether it is an application for a mobile phone or web. That's only part of it. The other side of that is what do you do once you've done the digitization? Because that’s really where you decide whether you are successful or just kind of beginning to play in the game. When you're digitized; it opens up a whole lot of possibilities, efficiencies and experiences...this talk cannot be missed!

About the Author

Nathaniel Schooler - an engaging interviewer, writer and trusted adviser. IBM Futurist and LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner.

He interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact.

Prior experience taught him business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon).

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Nat Schooler