Expert Talk: Conflict Types and Escalation

Useful Conflict for Mediation

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In this Expert Talk, the author teaches about conflict, escalation and offers tips on how to prevent and predict destructive conflict.
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Susanne Schuler is an experienced business and intercultural facilitator, conflict mediator and coach. Her legal studies, business experience and her work in diversity combine effectively in her mediation and consultancy role. She speaks 5 languages fluently and has worked in more than 20 different co...


Bookboon Expert Talks are episodes of 15 to 60 minutes. Their content varies from interviews to discussions and monologues aimed at listeners who want to delve deeper into business trends. These Talks are more casual than Bookboon Micro Talks and are ideal to find inspiration for your day or on a commuting journey.

In this Expert Talk you will learn more about 3 aspects of conflict resolution:

  1. The difference between destructive and constructive conflict 
  2. The different conflict escalation steps and appropriate interventions in each stage and
  3. Which conflicts can be mediated and some tips and tools on how to prevent and predict destructive conflict.

You will also hear about the cost of destructive conflict; how to use constructive conflict as an effective problem-solving tool necessary to create innovation; you will get tips on how to develop strategies for being a facilitator and how to use mediation to get to an effective outcome.

This series of 8 Expert Talks accompanies my book “Conflict Management and Cultural Diversity”. 

It is aimed to give you inspiration for your day when commuting to work or when on a break and if you wish to delve deeper into one of the topics of my book.

It is most impactful when you listen to each of the talks first in its entirety and then again as often as you wish, while making note of the points you wish to learn more about.

In my Expert Talks you will learn about conflict sources and styles, triggers, challenges, and how to use your resources effectively when in a conflict situation. You will learn how to develop strategies for being a facilitator and how to use mediation to get to an effective outcome, particularly in an intercultural context. You will go from theory to practice, from conflict to resolution, and you will experience and receive input about the powerful tool of mediation as a means for constructive conflict resolution.