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Everyone Wins

Promoting Gender Equality

Langue:  English
Everyone Wins is non-fiction, written for Human Resources / People & Culture professionals and business leaders interested in attracting, developing, and retaining the best female talent.
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The book provides a pragmatic and non-expensive approach to hiring, developing, and retaining female talent. It provokes thoughts to help businesses get the best out of their female talent by keeping them motivated and loyal. Simple and practical, it is written to support HR & P&C professionals and business leaders in improving their gender diversity balance without introducing expensive and non-sustainable financial retention offers.This book is a gift for organizations striving for gender equity. It will be their guidebook in cultivating a culture capable of harnessing the power of women.

About the Author

After an exciting HR career spanning twenty-eight years and eight different countries, Leyla founded Transformative Coaching company to follow her passion and help women have Successful Careers and love their lives. During her corporate career, she helped create an environment where women could speak up about problems and be heard. She was the initiator of providing more extended maternity leaves, a separate change room for women in offshore facilities, and opening a feeding room for maternity leave returnees.

  • About the author
  • About the book
  • Introduction
  1. Gender diversity
    1. Why is gender diversity important?
  2. Loyalty
    1. Why was i so loyal to the company i worked for?
  3. Financial retentions
    1. Do financial retentions help?
  4. Women’s contribution
    1. What women say
  5. Women’s empowerment
    1. What does women’s empowerment mean?
  6. Considerate inclusion
    1. Considerate inclusion in practice
  7. Questions to be asked
    1. Some questions organizations should ask themselves
  8. Recruiting
    1. Recruiting women
  9. Organizational duties
    1. What can organizations do if they genuinely want to retain women’s talent?
  10. Success stories
    1. The companies which got it right
  • References
A propos de l'auteur

Leyla Novruz