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Ethics of Balance and Balance of Ethics

Langue:  English
This book is about the ethical ideas and their application in business life. The aim of the book is to find right arguments as to why to act ethically in various situations and how to benefit from it.
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This book is about the balance of business, moral principles, and philosophy. The authors’ ambitions are to present a meaningful and tangible model of behavior for the next decade. The readers have a chance to augment this title with the previous books by the same authors. (Ethics of Quality and Quantum of Ethics).

About authors

Roman Lindauer is an experienced specialist in risk management and internal controls. Since 1991 he has been working for international companies in the roles orientated on SOX404 certification. Roman graduated from the British Open University Business School and completed a one-semester course at George Washington University. In his spare time he shared his practical know – how with the students at the University of Economics and Business in Prague. Ladislav Žák is an experienced former crisis manager and insolvency expert. The main area of his interests were in military, chemical industry and insurance business. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and Faculty of Law of Privatization and Business Academy in Moscow (PBA). He followed his studies with a PhD graduation from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague, and Technical University Liberec.Currently he is a co-owner and executive director of consulting company D-TAX and director of KRI which is focused on landscape, development, water management, smart cities and public areas.Ladislav is an active member of INSOL Europe and executive board member of the Liberal Arts of Russia journal. He is also a former member of the Secretary of Czech Chamber of Institute of internal Auditors and the editorial team of „Insolvency News“ newspaper.

  • Prologue
  • Preface
  1. How to understand the imbalance
  2. An organization and its ethics
  3. Ethics of information
  4. Box1
  5. How to understand variability
  6. A little recomendation
  7. Acquiring balance
  8. Possible interpretation
  9. Expected changes in the environment
  10. Short summary
  11. Questions requiring answers
  12. Explication
  13. Ethics and law
  14. Perception of asymmetry
  15. Transparency
  16. What we do not know yet
  17. Philosophy and ethics
  18. Dataism and its mission
  19. Application of dataism
  20. How to process data ethically
  21. Box 2
  22. Lessons learned from nature
  23. Interlude… ethic of balance & balance of ethics
  24. Definition of evil
  25. Example of ethical decision making
  26. When managers have to choose
  27. Two examples of decision-making with an ethical dimension
  28. Merck and treatment of river blinds
  29. What are business ethics
  30. Personal consideration
  31. How to apply ethical principles in business
  32. Box 3
  33. A very topical consideration
  34. Final recommendation
  35. Attachment
A propos de l'auteur

Roman Lindauer & Ladislav Žák