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Diversity, Equality, Equity and Inclusion

EDI Challenges, Anti-Discrimination, Stereotypes, and Bias

30m 11s
Langue:  English
Olga Frańczak phd has been working on anti-discrimination since 2011. Including working with survivors of hate crimes and gender-based violence and she supports thousands of recruiters with EDI.
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The challenges are many for starting the EDI journey at work. EDI seems like such a large and complex topic. Olga clearly and simply explains the first steps on the journey for workplace EDI. She shines a light on “EDI fatigue” and why do so many companies experience it. Olga is passionate about tackling the root causes of discrimination – stereotypes and bias. She received a PhD on how gender stereotypes impact the realisation of human rights and how to draft more effective policies and laws to address that. Not a talk to miss to stay informed and one step ahead!

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Nat Schooler