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Diversity and Inclusion

Langue:  English
It is essential to practice inclusion of diversity. Inclusion welcomes, honors, accepts, and respects all people’s religions, worldviews, economic status, gender, or sexual orientation.
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Diversity means that individuals have unique languages, behaviors, and perspectives with which they navigate the world. Each culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and age has unique ways of processing information and participating in the world. The goal os inclusion is to welcome these differences, providing opportunities for people to excel by living and working together as one.

About the Author

Dr. Scallon earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University after completing her predoctoral internship in NYC. She has over fifteen years of experience providing psychotherapy. Dr. Scallon worked in a prison for eleven years, assisting individuals with mental health issues. She has worked at numerous mental health clinics. She has written numerous self-help books.

  • About The Author
  • Preface
  1. Inclusion of diversity
    1. Introduction
    2. Diversity is as valuable as a diamond
    3. Conclusion
  2. Neurodiversity
    1. Introduction
    2. Process for inclusion of neurodiversity
    3. Alana’s neurodiversity
    4. Conclusion
  3. Inclusion of diverse cultures
    1. Introduction
    2. Three parts of inclusion
    3. Inclusion of diverse languages
    4. Inclusion of diverse behaviors
    5. Inclusion of diverse perspectives
    6. Conclusion
  4. Your diversity shines like a diamond
    1. Introduction
    2. Why shine?
    3. Study yourself
    4. Develop a diversity script
    5. Find your place in the world and improve relationships
    6. Conclusion
  5. Real world diversity and inclusivity
    1. Introduction
    2. Daily diversity
    3. Daily similarities
    4. Conclusion
  6. Practicing inclusivity
    1. Introduction
    2. What are the steps towards inclusion?
    3. Naming, accepting and acknowledging differences
    4. Step 1: Accept diversity
    5. Step 2: Learning
    6. Step 3: Value
    7. Implementing an inclusivity plan
    8. Conclusion
  7. References
A propos de l'auteur

Dr. Michelle Scallon