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Developing Creative Thinking Skills: Part 2

How to Reawaken Your Innate Abilities

22m 14s
Langue:  English
An introduction to simple, everyday techniques that will help you access and develop your creative thinking.
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There are simple techniques to help you access or reignite your creative thinking ability. This talk introduces you to several and suggests ways in which you can use them regularly, in your own time, to develop a practice of thinking, testing and reflecting, to build confidence in your own creative ability.

They use activities that are akin to play, that stop you worrying about outcome and focusing on the process of working in a creative way. It will help you to recognise how you think and provide ways in which you can select thoughts, ideas, hunches and impulses and work with them.

About the author

Simon is a consultant, coach and advocate for creative thinking and its application to business needs. Passionate about creativity in all its forms, he is also a professional artist, but spent 25 years in senior leadership roles in B2C international marketing and e commerce. He has worked around the globe but is now very firmly sedentary, working from home in the UK.

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Simon Bird