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Delegate to Motivate - Vol 2

Why Your People Need You to Delegate Better

Langue:  English
Second in the five-part series, Real Delegation, this book focuses on the people you will delegate to, and how delegation taps into powerful intrinsic motivators that boost engagement and enjoyment.
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Just as proper delegation requires you to think afresh about yourself as a leader and what you do with your time, it also requires you to think differently about the person who will be the delegatee, your partner in the endeavour. We start by peeking into the alchemy of delegation and how it is a powerful motivator. We address the sticking point of trust, providing a useful diagnostic tool to help you rate the trustworthiness of those you’re thinking of delegating to. And we explore attitudes you can cultivate to get the most out of the new relationship.

About the Author

Dave Stitt is a Professional Certified Coach and Chartered Civil Engineer who has been coaching executive teams in the construction industry for more than two decades. Before that, he rose to senior management positions in national construction and engineering firms, leading a number of successful corporate transformation programmes. He has raced in over a hundred triathlons, representing Great Britain in the 1991 Triathlon World Championship in Australia. His books include Coach for Results and Deep and Deliberate Delegation: A New Art for Unleashing Talent and Winning Back Time.

  • About the Author
  • About This Series
  • Introduction: Limbering You Up
  1. Delegation is Rocket Fuel
    1. Carrots and Sticks Are Not Enough
    2. Money Isn’t Everything
    3. Autonomy
    4. Mastery
    5. Purpose
    6. Doing It for Love
    7. Let’s Get Engaged
    8. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  2. How to Trust Them
    1. We Have Who We Have
    2. The Truth About Trust
    3. The Trustworthy Tracker
    4. Kicking Off a Real Conversation
    5. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  3. Two Helpful Mental Habits
    1. Pigeon-holes Are for The Birds
    2. Just a Two-Million-Pound Project Manager
    3. ‘Please Collect Your Daughter’
    4. The Sweet Smell of Failure
    5. ‘You Mean I Don’t Have To Be Dumb?’
    6. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  • Conclusion: Good for You, Good for Them
  • Table of Figures
  • References

Understand how to use delegation as a tool for team motivation Assess the trustworthiness of potential delegatees using a practical tool Avoid misjudging team members by overcoming fixed perceptions Develop a growth mindset to enhance personal and team resilience toward challenges

A propos de l'auteur

Dave Stitt