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Connected Leadership

The Key To Success In A 21st Century Company

Langue:  English
This book outlines 12 traits of connected leadership, shows their powerful impact on cultivating a thriving corporate culture, and highlights ways a leader can seek to develop them for maximum impact.
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The bottom line is exemplary leadership is a multiplier effect. If leaders are focused on developing and exhibiting connected leadership characteristics, this creates a ripple effect across the entire organization – from cross-functional leadership, to down the leadership chain, to the individual contributor level. Everyone can benefit from working under a leader who exemplifies connected leadership behaviors and everyone can exhibit these traits themselves, regardless of where they are in the organizational chart, for maximum impact in their own careers.  Connected leadership is a core set of behaviors a leader exhibits that contribute to creating and fostering a connected culture. This book outlines 12 characteristics of connected leadership, how they have a powerful impact on cultivating a connected and thriving corporate culture, and ways a leader can seek to develop or strengthen these traits for maximum impact in their careers.

About the author

Kerry S. Campbell is an organizational development consultant and leader with over 15 years’ experience working with c-suite and senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies to design and develop organizational development and learning initiatives. She is a writer and published author on various topics, including personal growth and development, as well as business topics.

  1. About The Author 
  2. Introduction 
  3. A New Leadership Paradigm
    1. Definition Of A Leader
    2. A Common Leadership Problem 
    3. The Cost Of Poor Leadership 
    4. The Need For A Leadership Paradigm Shift 
    5. Hierarchical Leadership 
    6. Matrix Leadership 
    7. Self-Organizing Leadership 
    8. Connected Leadership: A New Paradigm 
    9. Who This Book Is For 
    10. Connected Leadership Characteristics 
    11. Creating A Connected Culture 
  4. Actively Seeks Feedback 
    1. Feedback Is King 
    2. Ways To Gather Feedback 
  5. Communicates, Communicates, Communicates 
    1. Communication Connects All Things 
    2. Ways To Communicate 
  6. Provides Frequent Praise And Recognition 
    1. Recognition Makes Everyone Feel Good 
    2. Ways To Provide Recognition 
  7. Focuses On Problem Solving 
    1. It’s The Problem That’s The Problem 
    2. Ways To Problem Solve 
  8. Delegates Ownership And Empowers Others 
    1. People Want To Be Empowered 
    2. Ways To Empower Others 
  9. Focuses On Strengths 
    1. Everyone Has Their Unique Gifts 
    2. Ways To Play To People’s Strengths 
  10. Encourages A Learning Culture/Growth Mindset 
    1. We Are All Learners By Nature 
    2. Ways To Encourage A Growth Mindset 
  11. Embraces Change As The New Norm 
    1. The Only Constant Is Change 
    2. Ways To Embrace Change 
  12. Treats All People With Dignity And Respect 
    1. Even Though We Are Different, We Are All The Same 
    2. Ways To Celebrate Diversity 
  13. Explores New Ideas With Curiosity And Intent 
    1. Curiosity Opens Doors 
    2. Ways To Foster Curiosity 
  14. Keeps An Open Door Policy 
    1. An Open Door Encourages Connection 
    2. Ways To Keep An Open Door 
  15. Exudes A Positive Attitude 
    1. Positivity Generates More Positivity 
    2. Ways To Generate Positivity 
  16. Conclusion And Call To Action 
    1. Connected Leadership Creates A Connected Culture 
    2. Create An Action Plan
A propos de l'auteur

Kerry S. Campbell