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Communicate with Impact

Level Up Your Communication

11m 4s
Langue:  English
Communication is an essential skill for leaders. The ability to communicate with impact ensures that the message you're trying to get across will be well received by your audience.
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When done right, communication can lead to increased efficiency and more effective outcomes. But when done wrong, it could lead to miscommunication or ineffective results. In this audio training course, you'll learn how to build powerful communication skills so that you can succeed as a leader!

I'll start by introducing you to the basics of communication, including definitions and examples. As we move through the course, I'll share some practical tools for effectively communicating with a variety of audiences. By the end of this audio training course on communicating with impact, you should be able to build powerful communication skills while maintaining authenticity and honesty throughout all aspects of your life!

About the author

Kim-Adele Platts FInstLM is at the leading edge of ‘Championing Human Spirit’ individually and organizationally for 21st Century Board/C-Suite Level leaders. A renowned master coach, international bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker, and face whisperer, she couples 25 years in the corporate world, with lessons she has garnered throughout her amazing and unique life story, to help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success. Her journey has taken her from an NVQ in hairdressing to the boardrooms of the FTSE 250.

Kim-adele is co-founder of MasterMindSet – A New Leadership Foundation: Different by Design Delivering C-Suite: Skills, Strategies & Networks to Lead in the 2020s. She co-founded the first International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day with colleagues Nat Schooler and Lisa Ventura and is also a Non-Exec Director with the IoD, Academy Trust and Mary’s Meals.

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Kim-Adele Randall