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Choosing When to Give Feedback

Interview With Global Business Expert Nicolas Babin

16m 5s
Langue:  English
Choosing When to Give Feedback is an important decision; and the key to success, personally and professionally, lies in your ability to give effective feedback as well as accept it graciously.
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Choosing when to give feedback is crucial and can make all the difference at work and in your personal life too. So it is important to get this right to achieve success. If you accept feedback the right way and give it the right way you will build strong relationships at work.

Today I am talking with Nicolas Babin. He is a global business expert and from his experience in working with corporations over the last 3 decades, he shares massive value here that will help people at any level in business, from new hires to seasoned business leaders. This is an important talk to listen to.

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Nat Schooler