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C# 6: ADO.NET and Database Applications

Software Development

Langue:  English
The book mainly deals with database programming, and how you from C# can write programs that uses a database.
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The book mainly deals with database programming, and how you from C# can write programs that uses a database. The book assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of databases, but has an appendix which provides a brief introduction to SQL. The book also deals with WPF and data binding related to the design pattern Model-View-ViewModel.Click here to download the source files from this book.

  • Foreword
  1. Introduction
    1. Contacts
    2. Books
    3. ADO
  2. Database programs
    1. Exercise 1: Find books
    2. Exercise 2: Find persons
    3. Open databases
  3. The basic SQL statements
    1. Parametrized SQL commands
    5. Exercise 3: Zipcodes
    6. Provider independence
  4. WPF and databases
    1. Data binding
    2. Binding two WPF controls
    3. Exercise 4: Bind the background
    4. Binding to an object
    5. A little more about conversion
    6. Exercise 5: Calculate a price
    7. Exercise 6: Calculate a price again
    8. Exercise 7: Bind colors
    9. Binding to a collection
    10. Binding a collection to a single property
    11. Data templates
    12. DataGrid
    13. Exercise 8: The zip codes again
    14. Filtering a DataGrid
    15. Editing a DataGrid
    16. Problem 1: Denmark
    17. MVVM
    18. History people
    19. Problem 2: The world
  5. Disconnected ADO
    2. The adapter
  6. The Entity Framework
    1. Using EF for zip codes
    2. The books database
    3. Maintaining contacts a last time
  7. Final example: Books
    1. The task-formulation
    2. The Database
    3. A prototype
    4. The entity data model
    5. The ViewModel layer
    6. The MainWindow
    7. Publishers, Categories and Authors
    8. Maintenance of books
    9. The search function
    10. The last things
  • Appendix A: SQL
    • The book database
    • SQL data types
    • SQL commands
    • DML commands
    • The SELECT command
    • SQL functions
    • View’s
    • Inner SELECT statements
    • Stored procedures
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