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Big Picture Thinking

Awesome Tips & Insights for Key Decision Makers

Langue:  English
This book trains the 21st century key decision maker the art to think wide, wild and without the proverbial ‘box’.
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This book is aimed at leaders and business executives who are eager to make excellent decisions in tough situations. In this age of rapid technological change, pandemics, lockdowns and uncertainties, leaders should be always ahead of the tide by focusing on the big picture. If life offers thorns, thistles and lemons, big picture thinking entails turning those hardships into positive, game changing and life fulfilling results. It is an invaluable futurological planning tool in establishments. It empowers stewards to turn adversities into opportunities.

About the Author

Mufaro Gunduza is a freelance business author whose recent publications include How to Win in Today’s Business Uncertainties (2021), Rakuten Kobo, USA and Hyena’s Belly Never Fills, Poetry Anthology (2021), Rakuten Kobo, USA. He also develops executive curricula for business schools across the world and offers guest lectures on a range of business topics.

  1. Introduction to Big Picture Thinking
    1. What is Big Picture Thinking?
    2. What is the difference between Big Picture Thinking and Small Picture Thinking?
    3. What are the Benefits of Big Picture Thinking?
    4. What are the Limits of Small Picture Thinking?
    5. Food for Thought
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. Against All Odds: The Story of Henry Ford
    1. Daring is Key in Big Picture Thinking
    2. The Henry Ford Case
    3. Perception Challenges of a New Industry
    4. Investment Challenges in a New Industry
    5. Ford diverts to Car Racing without losing the Bigger Picture
    6. The David and Goliath Race- Henry Ford versus Henry Winton
    7. Fortune Favors the Bold
    8. Critical Lessons from the Henry Ford Case
    9. Chapter Summary
  3. The desert can be a lovely place if you manage to tame it wisely! The United Arab Emirates (UAE) journey to Economic Boom
    1. Background to The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    2. Early Photographs of the Region before the Economic Boom
    3. The UAE economic Miracle and Leapfrogging
    4. UAE’s key contribution to World Records
    5. Chapter Summary
  4. Looking at the Bigger Picture in Resource Stewardship and Utilization
    1. Background to The Royal Bafokeng Tribe in South Africa
    2. History of Land Ownership before the Discovery of Platinum
    3. Shift from Traditional Subsistence Agro-Based Society to Becoming a Mining Community
    4. Importance of Law fare as opposed to War Fare
    5. Diversification and Creation of Trans-Generational Wealth
    6. Food for Thought
    7. Chapter Summary
  5. If Opportunities do not Come your Way, Build a Door! The Chinese Silk Road or the road and belt Initiative
    1. What is the New Silk Road Initiative?
    2. The Scale of the Programme
    3. Food for Thought
    4. China’s Controversial Sri Lanka Mega Project estimated to cost 1,4 Billion USD
    5. China’s Silk Road Push so far
    6. Projects Already Undertaken under the Belt and Road Initiative
    7. Key Projects Envisioned
    8. Other Examples Across the World
    9. Chapter Summary
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